Heritage Quarter Horses




       COL OKIE LEO                                  

(aka "The Colonel")

Homozygous Black Stallion

AQHA and APHA Registered Stallion


AQHA Five Panel Test

Tested N/N for


Colour DNA Tested  E/E No Red Factor

He can not produce a Chestnut/Sorrel foal regardless of the colour of the Mare


Foundation  Attributes

Sire: Cutter Freckles  ( Colonel Freckles)

Dam: Wayward Slider ( Leo) 


"The "Colonel" arrived mid December 2009 and from that day he has done nothing but gain my respect with everyday that passess.  He has manner to die for and his temperament is outstanding.

He is the most willing partner you could have, he will walk between two fields full of mares and not react, even when they are in season!!- well you might get a whinnie or two! 

He can be led away from mares, out of the field, he never questions you, he just does what he is told, when told!

He will be standing to a few outside mares each year but this will only be pasture breeding.  So if you are interested please contact me for more details. [email protected]











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